SEO in 2015

SEO in 2015

Guess what, SEO in 2015 still means Search Engine Optimization!  So now the boring bit is out of the way lets talk about what’s up with SEO in 2015… Mobile I’m starting with mobile because it represents the largest shift in usage since web 2.0. Mobile first is now the mantra and that’s based largely […]

The truth behind mobile usage and your personal data

Tracking map

In recent times there have been a number of high profile scandals reported that have linked phone hacking to a number celebrities and other individuals deemed news worthy enough. Now for the rank and file members of the public like you and I this is all very interesting but so long as we have the […]

Virtual Machines: Are they the Right Choice for You?


The virtual machine (VM), also known as server virtualization, has been around for more than a decade, and has had wide use in the information technology (IT) industry because it is an efficient way to allow multiple users access to a single server resource. Although it is popular in IT, it hasn’t really caught on […]

How Bloggers Can Fall Foul of Internet Copyright and Commercial Law with Image Usage

Commercial Law

Recently I read a very interesting blog post from Pamela Vaughan entitled “Copyright Law on the Internet Is a Total Train Wreck Right Now” – you can read it in full here.  It raised an interesting scenario which I wanted to make web bloggers aware of, and follows on nicely from the last blog posted […]

Resources to Help Internet Bloggers with the Law


Millions of people around the World now run their own blogs, but it surprising how many of them actually understand the legal implications of publishing online content.  There have been many high profile cases where Internet bloggers have been sued over the last couple of years – ranging from defamation of character, libel, or by […]

Responsive Web Design: An Influencing Factor in SEO


Responsive web design isn’t just a hot topic for designers and user-experience experts. It can also have a direct effect on your SEO efforts.  By using responsive web design principles you can give your website a far better chance of gaining increased search engine rankings. The following guest post come courtesy of our friends over […]

Free Online Tool to help Find High PR Expired Domains

Find High PR Expired Domains

For those of you who are looking for a free online tool to help you find high PR expired domains you can click here. If you are not entirely sure why this tool is useful read on and I will explain. A bit of background If you are keen to improve your website position in […]

How to Prepare for the Future of Search

Omni Channel Search

Matt Cutts recently discussed Google’s 10 year vision for search and what the teams hope to accomplish within that time frame. Cutts paints a picture of a search that is more in tune with the user and his query. Going back to the basis of what search is, namely the action of looking for something […]

How to Transfer Your WordPress Website Quickly & Easily

Drop Database

WordPress is the preferred platform for around 20% of global websites, and the majority of Internet marketers use this CMS to publish their content.  The popularity of WordPress has grown due to its ease of use – but when it comes to moving a WordPress website between hosts things can get a little bit tricky.  […]

The Creative Person’s Guide to SEO

SEO and Affiliate Management

Search engine Optimization. It sounds like a daunting task at times, something that brings forth images of nights spent coding in front of the computer, of in site link optimization and Javascript. Well, oddly enough, this is an image shared by many, one of the two great tropes about SEO along with the fact that […]