4 Essential Web Tools and Apps for Smart Bloggers

There are many challenges to making a living online. With the internet so full of fun, exciting, and ultimately distracting things, staying focused when your work is always plugged in can be a serious issue. That being said, there are also many things about doing business online that offer perks and privileges.

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As bloggers, we spend most of our time plugged into a computer screen and rummaging around online. While, as I said, this can be a challenge, it also provides us with an unlimited supply of tools and knowledge. The trick is sorting through everything and finding the tools online that can actually be helpful. These four web tools and apps cover all the essentials for a blogging professional—check them out.



There is absolutely nothing worse than losing your work because of a technical malfunction. Whether you are a college student with all of your precious essays and research loaded on your computer or you’re a professional blogger with every blog post you’ve ever composed saved on your hard drive, losing all that hard work can be devastating.

Dropbox is the perfect way for bloggers (and anyone else) to safely save files and documents on their computer. Upload all of your writing pieces and notes to your Dropbox account and safely store them in the cloud. You can access this folder from any device with internet access and be assured that all of your things are carefully stored for free.



By far one of the most useful tools for bloggers and online professionals, OmmWriter helps to keep computer users and internet gurus focused and productive. We’ve all been there—trying to write our next post for our blog or even trying to write that assignment due in an hour and we’re on Facebook or clicking around the internet. Ommwriter helps create a writing space that is distraction-free. Bloggers can use this tool to relax and really focus on their writing.

Users can choose from several different fonts, sizes, colors, backdrops, offering a simple and individualized writing space. The application also offers a melodic typing sound to help writers find a rhythm and flow with their writing. There is a full screen option so that you can block out all other desktop and computer distractions. Honestly, this is one of the most useful productivity applications available.



While money isn’t exactly something that many articles like this deal with, it’s worth mentioning. When we think of useful blogging apps, not many of us think about money or money management I’m guessing. However, money is a very important (and at times challenging) aspect of professional blogging. Many bloggers may not be the absolute best or most qualified to run their own business—which is essentially what running a successful blog is doing.

Mint is a wonderful money management tool that anyone and everyone can use, but that might be particularly useful to bloggers. Use this tool to understand your expenses, earnings, and everything else. You can use all of Mint’s options to better understand the business aspect of your blogging career. Even if you’re only a blogger by hobby, Mint can be useful for life and blogging. Give it one try and you’ll be hooked—trust me.



We’ve likely all heard about Evernote by now. This tool is a wonderful creativity app that offers a lot to bloggers. There are numerous times that we come up with an idea for a post or a sentence we’d like to hang on to, but we have nowhere (other than a crumpled up receipt) to store it. Evernote is a cloud app that allows users to keep little notes, take pictures, and jot down ideas.

Because the app is directly on your smartphone, you’re never without a way to jot down your creative genius. While this may sound fairly simple, it’s always useful to be able to quickly and efficiently store your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations as a blogger. Oftentimes, bloggers are out and about and running face first into inspiration. Use Evernote to help you stay on top of those ideas and utilize them appropriately.

Samantha Gray is a freelance writer who understands the challenges of choosing your bachelor’s degree. She enjoys writing about trends in education, technology, and employment. She would love to hear from you at samanthagray024 [at] gmail.com.

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  1. I have used three apps out of your list and never user Evernote. I will also start using this. Let us see how effective it will be? Anyway thanks for sharing

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