How to Remedy Blogger Burnout

Every blogger gets fed up with their trade from time to time. Those that tell you otherwise are either lying or deluding themselves. And who could blame them? Blogging is just about the most stressful profession (or hobby) to undertake on the web, as it demands constant effort and contribution if you want to be any good at it. It can be quite daunting trying to make a name for yourself as a blogger, especially when you understand the fact that millions of other people are trying to do the same thing.


Sometimes when you get writers block you need to get out from behind your desk

I, for one, can sympathize with blogger burnout. Sometimes I pull up a text box from my dashboard to type up a new post, and I can’t think of anything. I just look at that blinking cursor and wonder how many more posts I’ll have to write before I “make it big” as a blogger. It can be an especially trying experience to write about insurance, one of my niches, even though it’s something that I feel strongly about. I’m passionate about insurance and how it can help cushion and protect people from the most dire of circumstances, but sometimes I can’t write about it. On those darker days, I try to chalk up my pessimism to a one-day aberration, and try again the next day.

Not to toot my own horn, but some bloggers aren’t as resilient as I am. There are many levels of blogger burnout, and some may be way more severe than my day long pessimism about insurance blogging. For those of you out there who feel blocked or jaded about blogging, I ask that you read through these suggestions to get you back on track.

Walk away from anything with web connectivity

When you’re feeling burned out about blogging, the first thing you need to do is get away from anything web related. That means getting out of the house, the local coffee shop, or even the office to get some fresh air. Chances are that you’ve been looking at a computer screen for the majority of your days as far back as you can remember, so it’s understandable that the site of any device with web capability causes significant stress for you.

Most bloggers can sympathize with the anxieties that accompany blogger burnout: worry that you’re not posting often enough, that you don’t have enough readers, that you’re not responding to enough comments, and so forth. Use your time away from technology for forgetting about these worries, as a kind of blogger decompression. Do everything and anything to take your mind off the web: call a friend, go for a walk, visit a restaurant, or simply unplug your laptop and turn off your smartphone.

Realize you’re not alone

Bloggers with burnout can easily fall into the mindset that they’re alone in how they feel. Believe it or not, those millions of bloggers that you compete with on a daily basis also experience the same feelings of fatigue and overwhelming anxiety of running a successful outfit. You are most certainly not alone in your feelings, and you need only share your fatigue with your colleagues and fellow readers to see the truth of it.

You’d be surprised at the level of positive response that you’d get from others if you opened up to them about your dissatisfaction. A simple post entitled “Having a hard time blogging right now” or “Does anyone else find it difficult to generate new content every day” would probably elicit a collective “Duh” response from your readers. But sometimes it takes these simple affirmations that we’re not alone in our struggle to find the strength to press on. Blogging is about contributing to a community—that’s an obvious point that took me a long time to understand when I started out blogging about finance and insurance. What’s the point of blogging if you feel that you can’t share your feelings about the craft with others?


Time out in front of the TV with your partner may help but you may have to reassess the state of your blog if burnout keeps occuring

Assess the state of your blog

After the obligatory breather, you might want to embark on some serious soul searching and ask yourself about why you blog. If you have a long history of blogger burnout, there may be a number of latent factors behind your chronic discontent. Perhaps you’ve been approaching your niche from the wrong angle, making it more and more difficult to post every day. Perhaps you’re dissatisfied with your niche altogether and you’ve never really thought about what else you could blog about. Only you can answer the tough questions you put to yourself as a blogger.

What do you do to prevent or remedy blogger burnout?

This is a guest post from Susan Wells. Susan is a freelance blogger who enjoys writing about automotive and health news, technology, lifestyle and personal finance. She often researches and writes about automobile, property and health insurance, helping consumers find the best insurance quotes and protection available. Susan welcomes comments.

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