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Twitter, Web 2.0’s, plugins, lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) Content is King. Well, it’s not as simple as that. But nearly.

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Don’t get too caught up in building links and social media accounts. Google isn’t perfect by a long way but it has gotten better at realising which sites deliver quality. You want to be one of those sites – and you’re not going to get there by spending hours on Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, you have to engineer a few links to your site, ensure that Google is indexing your site and make sure that there are social signals pointing your way.

But you have to work at providing quality on your website. And this is an on going thing. It never stops.

The power of blogging relationships

What works in the real world – great products, great people and great relationships – works in the online world too.

How do you get business in the real world? Through relationships. It works that way in the online world as well.

Who do you form relationships with in the real world? People you trust. People who are like-minded. People who do the same things as you do. Same in the online world.

Do you form a relationship with a person just because they’re rich and powerful? I hope not. Do you trust people who try to form relationships with you in order to get things from you? I suspect not.

So, in the online world, we don’t form relationships with people just because they’re powerful. If I ask Bill Gates to tweet my next blog post I don’t expect he will. But, as with life, I have connections with people who are in my niche and are a similar way along the journey as me.

My online friends aren’t extremely rich and successful but our relationships are based on common goals and that is powerful. They will tweet, like and vote for my blog posts, they will publish my articles and promote my site. And I won’t even have to ask.

Nurture these relationships and support these friends. In only a few years time, if they continue blogging, these friends will become effective promoters of your content.

Where you want to be

Look at the big sites, the really great blogs in your niche. What do you notice about them? Successful sites have authority – age, content (which is of great quality and in great quantity), links and social signals.

You can get those links and social signals by forming relationships and helping people. The rest, the age and the content, will come with time.

You can do it

You can be like those successful sites. But it’s not going to happen overnight. You just have to keep on adding quality content to your site. Week by week. Month by month. Year by year.
Trust me, I know several rising stars in the blogosphere who’re getting millions of visits a month that had terrible blogs only 2 or 3 years ago.

Don’t you want millions of hits on your website? You can achieve this. It’s not going to cost you much. Just a bit of time every week. And relationships. Help people.

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  1. To being a successful blogger we have to have good understanding on our relationships. Thanks for your ideas.

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