Creating a Google+ Page and Adding a Badge to the Sidebar

Increasingly you will see Google+ posts and pages in the Google SERPs. Google’s nascent social network is at the center of the company’s core search product and will be for years to come. The big winners in all this are brands with good reputation in Google+ so it makes sense for you to create a Google+ Page and make sure it is in as many circles as possible.


Google+ may be the shiny new sports car everyone wants to own but some of you may be wondering whether this is just another useless toy for sad menopausal old men. Well, for Google+ Pages, think Facebook Fan Pages; for people having you in Google+ Circles, think Facebook Likes; and for the billion Facebook users; think over 2 billion Google users, and that gives you some idea of the importance of all this.

Creating a Google+ Page

Convinced? Don’t worry there’s a video down below that’ll show you all about it. But, thankfully, creating a Google+ Page is mercifully simple. Click on the small triangle next to your name and profile picture on the top left of Google Plus and select “Manage Your Pages”.


You will then see a button for creating a new Google Plus Page. As I was creating a new Page for this website I chose “Product or Brand” as the page type category on the left, and you have to choose yet another category in a dropdown on the right where I selected “Website”.

Type the name of your Page – which will be the name of your website. Add the website address. Stick with the default public “Any Google+ User” setting (you want everyone to see this page). Agree to Terms and Create!

You now need to put in a tagline for the page (similar to the tagline to your site – put keywords in here). Upload a profile picture – I went for the favicon for the site rather than my ugly mug.

That’s it.

Editing the profile of your new Google+ Page

This is exactly the same as editing your personal profile on Google+. Write a fairly lengthy introduction on what the site and the page are about with links back to the site. In the photos section you should upload the 5 square images that go along the top of the Google Page profile. In my page I made the last one a request to add the page to circles.


Making a Google+ Page, editing the profile and putting a badge on your site

Here is the video where I create the Google+ Page for this site, edit it, add the Google+ badge on the sidebar (and talk about how I did the author markup for this site).

Putting a Google+ Badge in your sidebar in WordPress so people can add the Page to their circles

Once you have created a Page, it will be in zero circles and that’s something you can address straightaway. Link your Google+ Page to your website by clicking here and following the instructions.

Once you have done that you will see you’ll have to copy and paste some script both in the <head> of your website (in header.php of your theme, or, with Genesis you can put this in the Genesis Theme Settings) and where you want it which will probably be in the sidebar (so paste in sidebar.php of your theme, or, if widgetized, paste into a text widget).

The result you can see in the sidebar here – be sure to add this website’s Google+ Page to your circles here in the sidebar!

You’ll notice you can follow the Google+ Page without having to go to Google+ (similar to the Facebook Like button) this is a huge way of increasing your reach on Google+.

Marking up the authorship of your site

Rather off-topic, although connected to this subject, I also explain how to mark-up the authorship of your site. There are several steps here as Google has got into a bit of mess with this process. But I would urge you to do this as it has a huge impact on your profile and authority within Google.

Check you have this done correctly with the Google Webmaster Tools Rich Snippets Testing Tool.

What you should do now

I guess the last thing we all wanted was another social network with demands on our time. However, it does seem that we should be thinking about creating a Google Plus Page for the websites we are serious about.
So, create yourself a page!

Please, if you enjoyed this article, add the Google Plus page for WordPress SEO Marketing to your Google Plus circles. And, if you’re really feeling kind, Tweet, Like or Plus this post! ;)

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