How To Get Links To Your Blog Site

Three of the most effective ways of getting traffic to your blog are:

  • to submit articles to article’s sites
  • to submit websites to directories
  • to promote pages and sites with social media

No matter how aesthetically beautiful and feature-full your website is, its value is still zero unless it is visible online. By online visibility I mean, your website being viewed by many and regularly. Search engine optimization or SEO comes in when there is a need for your website to improve its online visibility.

There are many onsite and offsite SEO tactics and techniques. Onsite SEO refers to updating meta tags to making them relevant to your pages’ content as well as ensuring all your pages are correctly marked up so that the search engine robots understand exactly what they are crawling. It also refers to targeting specific keywords and writing content to make all your entries optimized for targeted keyword phrases.

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Offsite SEO, as the name implies, refers to SEO efforts outside the website. In essence, you spread the message that your website is the most relevant source of information for a particular area of business or niche. With the advent of social media sites and their increasing numbers of users, these are the perfect venues to promote your website. The very essence of marketing and promotion originally started in simply spreading the word about something or someone. What better way to do this than to people who are connected by a shared interest or pastime?

Article submission

Article submission is fairly easy. The most important element in employing this method is creating relevant and unique content. Articles which are interesting and factual which do not bore or give the runaround to the reader. There are many article directories that offer free submission. The most popular and most reliable is EzineArticles. When writing your article, always submit to Ezine first. Then you may write other versions of the article to submit to other article directories. You can find a good list of articles’ sites here. The second important element in article writing is the anchor text. The anchor text is the keywords you’re targeting. Use keywords relevant to your website and the article content. The anchor text will link your article to your website thus creating a back link which is a vote for your site boosting its ranking in the search engines.

Directory submission

Directory submission is another way of promoting your website online and increasing your chances of being more visible in the Internet. Just like the yellow pages where all businesses and service providers are listed and what many consumers consult in making a decision, online directories provide the same benefits. Consumers will go to their chosen directory, choose a category and choose the entry that best suits their needs. Unless you’re listed in the directory, your website’s chance of getting chosen is non-existent. So get listed!

Social media

Social media is something that has gained widespread popularity in a span of short time. Primarily built for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques, online marketers have seen the opportunity to reach a wider and more targeted audience to showcase products and services. Social networking websites have spurted in the internet to serve the purpose of online social interaction. Facebook, so far, is the most popular as Twitter comes in close second. Aside from its purpose, social media provides platforms for different kinds of communication media. Photos and videos can be shared as well as other information in the form of liking and commenting. These features greatly enhance the experience of sharing new information to your audience. In addition, the interactive features provide a venue where products can be innovated and services are improved to better serve the market. To start off, have an account to the most accessed social networking sites and update your profile regularly.


Rule of thumb is to never spam. Provide relevant updates to your friends and followers. It is most important to keep them interested and to make the interaction as personal as possible. No one wants just another news feed.

Also, with the recent Panda upgrade to the Google algorithm downgrading the importance of articles sites, it is necessary not to put all your eggs in one basket. Never rely on one method for link building. If used correctly, submitting to articles sites is still an important weapon in a link builder’s arsenal.

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Readers Comments

  1. I’m wondering how the links in article sites are affected by the recent update from Google. Google seems to downplay the importance of article sites, so I wonder if they don’t value backlinks from them as much?

    Also, another technique for getting backlinks is from guest posting on another blog. Getting backlinks in this manner seems to be more popular today and you may be able to get a backlink from a highly reputable blog.

    • Rob Cubbon says:

      Two good points, Paul. Firstly, I believe that submission to article marketing sites still secures vital relevant backlinks with decent reputation. The recent update from Google certainly downplayed the importance of article sites and content farms, as you say, but I think the people who suffered from it were those who depended on those sites for 99% of their backlinks. I used article sites for less than a third of my backlinks for many of my site and they experienced an increase in Google traffic after the upgrade.

      Secondly, I agree with you again, that guest blogging is a great way to get relevant high PR backlinks but I wanted to write a whole article on it separately so I decided to exclude it from this article and to focus instead on the more “easy” ways of getting links. Guest blogging needs research and time and has it’s own particular skill set. More to come! :)

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