How Many Social Media Accounts Should I Have?

There’s no doubting the internet marketing story of the last few years – the rise and rise of social media.


Stories of viral messages, internet memes and fortunes made overnight has sent small business owners and marketing executives alike scrambling to Facebook and Twitter.

While we’re all falling over ourselves to out-Tweet, out-Like and out-Share our competitors we are realising that these stories of instant-notoriety over the social networks are just that – Stories!

Social Media is all about engagement

Social Media is all about engagement – if you agree Tweet this!

You have to push out great content through social media that will entertain, educate or inform your target marketing first and worry about promoting your brand after that. It is only from a base of an engaged audience that you are going to a achieve anything.

But that’s time consuming! You only have 24 hours in one day! And there are millions of social networks out there! I know, I know. Relax. Breathe.

I can’t tell you which social networks to use – that depends on your niche – but I can tell you how to use the main ones. Here I will explain how many accounts you should have on the main social networks. And how to use them properly (if you break some of these rules you can get your account banned, and you don’t want that!)

Facebook – only one account

You are only allowed one account with your real name in Facebook. Anything more than that is against their terms and may get you banned.

If you have other web properties you must make separate Facebook Pages for them.

Facebook Tip: Always make a friend Admin of your Facebook Pages. It helps if you forget your password!

Google+ – only one account

Google+ operates exactly the same way as Facebook in this regard. Your Google or Gmail ID is your Google+ ID and you are allowed only one.

Split up your various web properties through Google+ Pages in exactly the same way as with Facebook Pages.

Google+ Tip: Name the Google+ Page to be the same as the brand or domain name of the website. The names of Google+ Pages are given huge weight in Google search results but trying to game this with keywords is probably a bad idea.

YouTube – only one account

Google has finally improved integration with YouTube. So your personal YouTube links pretty well with your Google+ identity. This has just pushed up my YouTube viewing figures in the last few days.

So you can create another channel through your main YouTube account.

YouTube Tip: Always make sure the first line in a video’s description is a link. This puts a link directly under the video and is the best way to get traffic from YouTube.

Twitter – multiple accounts

With Twitter, however, you can have as many accounts as you want. Create a new Twitter account for every new website you set up. You can brand it with your real name and photo or with the site’s name and logo as you wish. Faces work better though.

Twitter Tip: Always put a link to your website link in your profile.

Quora – multiple accounts

Quora is a great social tool to engage and interest an audience. You can also build a reputation in a certain field. For this reason I would recommend creating separate Quora accounts if you wish to answer questions on vastly different themes (SEO and dog training, for example).

Pinterest – only one account

I would only recommend having one account on Pinterest and dividing up your interests into different boards.

What you can do

Do you have any productivity tips when dealing with social media? Share them with us here.

Remember, with social media, it pays to work smart rather than just work hard. Limit the time you

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Readers Comments

  1. Hi Rob,
    Engage persistently. Be social, become attractive. Social media pros simply engage more than the other guys. Power tips here.
    Give freely. Help people. Create value packed comments. Make an impact. Share content. Use 1 account for all networks spare a few – if you so choose – and apply the basic idea to each account. Create value. Share. Prosper.
    Thanks Rob!

  2. Social network always helps in promotion of business as well as makes you alert in social media. I have never heard of Quora . I will try that also. Thanks for sharing

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