How to Customize your Twitter Profile

SEO is going Social; or Social is going SEO – depending on which way you look at it. Either way, we have to vary our incoming link sources and increase our social proof and one of the best ways of doing that is through Twitter. And in order to get your Twitter presence looking professional and authoritative you’ll have to customize your Twitter profile.


Just as important as customizing your YouTube channel and sorting out your Facebook page, customizing your Twitter Profile means that when someone follows your Twitter link they see a nicely designed page with a logo and color scheme in keeping with your site.

twitter profile robcubbon

Above you can see my profile page for my main Twitter account which has the same logo and color scheme as my main design and marketing blog.

Twitter profile customization – words

So, in order to get the headshot, name, website and bio on your Twitter page looking just so go to Twitter Settings at the top right.


Choose the Profile tab.


And here you should choose a square image of yourself looking beautiful and enter your Name, Location, Website (it’s a link at least – although nofollow) and Bio (160 characters only, of course!)

These are all particularly important and you should spend a while here, particularly on the Bio, to present the Twitter profile in the best and most honest way. And it doesn’t hurt to be funny either!

Twitter profile customization – design

Once the above is all saved, move on to the Design tab in your Twitter profile settings.


Here you can get yourself to look different from everybody else – which is always a good idea.

The most important thing you can do here is to upload a custom background image that’s in keeping with your identity and brand and shows visitors how else to contact you.

So, get a hold of some sort of image editor (Photoshop, GIMP or Pixlr), and create a JPG, GIF or PNG with your logo or your photo and with your website details within the first 200 pixels from the left of the image.

Twitter centers their page but puts the background image in the top left. So this way, browsers windows larger than 1200 pixels will see this information on the left.

See below the background image for my Twitter profile page above.

Here you can also specify the background, text, links, sidebar and sidebar border colors as hexadecimal values that are close to your website and logo colors.

Make sure that the background color is the same as the color of the background of the background image – or at least, the same color as the bottom and right hand edges. This way you get a seamless background at the edges of the background image.

Tiled background image

There is another option to having a background image at the top left of the screen in your Twitter profile page – and that is to tile the background image.

For the background of the Twitter account @WordPressSEOMar I used the same background as we have on the site here:

WPblogTalk background image

This particular image was made to be tiled so, in this case, I checked the option to tile the image but in most cases I would advise to just use the image top left and put in some important message, like your website address or USP, in the background image.

What to do next?

Go to view you Twitter profile page. Have you got a good Bio written? Does it have your website address? Have you uploaded a nice profile image of you looking beautiful?

And, design-wise, change the colors and the background image to be in keeping with your brand and so that you don’t use the default style. And don’t forget to create a background image with your logo and website address in it.

What about you?

Have you customized your Twitter profile page? What else have you done to improve the first impression of your Twitter profile?

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  1. Thanks for sharing its really helpful to update & customize your profile to get more traffic & popular our website links.

  2. Thanks for the info. I really need to do some work on my Twitter profile.

  3. If only I could write with such concise prose Rob. Don’t fancy taking on another blog do you? ;-) I found this article very interesting, I’ve just written a piece all about creating twitter background images with a free 2013 photoshop twitter template Your post here is great as you go into more detail about how to implement the image. I shall be sharing this.

    • Hello Ali, great to see you here! Thank you for your kind words about my writing. I’m constantly frustrated by my skill in this area but I guess we get better with practice. Thank you for the link. Improving your social media profiles generally, not just for Twitter, is a really important subject and gets loads of interest from frustrated newbies (and oldies, alike!) Thanks for sharing as well!!! :)

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