How to Expand Your Blog’s Niche to Grow Your Readership

Keep up with the times: it’s the blogger’s credo. If you’re not staying on top of the things that matter for your niche, then you’re not doing your job as a blogger. The only reason that anyone reads a blog is because they enjoy it as a source of entertainment or information, oftentimes both. So you have to post about trends and comment on current events if you want readers to keep coming to you for information related to your niche – that’s a given. Keeping things relevant is just common sense.


But what about keeping things interesting?

Have you ever gone to a super niche blog and wished that they would expand their reach just a little bit to shake up the status quo? I know that I’m always thrilled when I see it happen.

Take tech blogs, for example. A tech blog posts an article about something not entirely about tech but closely related to the subject—maybe a profile on a founding member of a software company or a “How to” article about optimizing your office space. Sites like Gizmodo are great about offering that kind of variety in their niche – they’re a tech blog, but a lot of their posts are “techish,” relating to their core niche in some minor way.

I think it’s a good model to follow. Expanding the scope of your blog’s niche is a great way to invite new readers to your site and stimulate new conversation. Again, it’s not about going in a completely different direction than you were previously – you don’t have to start writing about home gardening if you’re a movie blog or anything.
I’m talking about taking your blog into interesting directions that make sense within the context of your niche. A movie blog that solely reviews the latest films might want to consider reviewing TV shows, or recapping old classics in either medium. A blog about US soccer might considering expanding their scope to cover soccer on an international level, comparing the trends of the various international teams.

Expand immediately outside your niche

The point here is that you take the initiative to expand your blog before it starts to stagnate. With so much competition out there from millions of bloggers, you can’t afford to write about the same subject matter day in and day out and expand your readership to grow. You have to anticipate what your readers will want to hear about next. It’s a matter of survival: you change things up before a rival blogger thinks to do so.

What’s more, expanding the niche of your blog gives you a chance to put your own personal spin on a subject. You won’t be known as just another tech blogger; you can be the tech blogger who also reviews outdated appliances, or the one who offers tutorials on how to use the latest gadget. Expanding your niche is just about the smartest thing you can do to revamp your blog, so go out and give it a try!

What you can do?

Do you have a blog or a website that’s getting a bit tired? Why not try some of the suggestions here and write articles outside the original scope of your niche. For example, this is a blog about WordPress, SEO, blogging, social media and website monetization. An obvious niche it can expand into is tech – Apple, Facebook, mobile, tablet, apps, etc.

Expand slowly and keep your original readers.

Katheryn Rivas is an avid blogger whose true calling is researching and exploring the future of learning. For comments and questions, she can be reached at katherynrivas87 [at]

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