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We need quality content more than ever. The latest Panda updates are making spun content on money and authority sites a definite no-no. We even need good original content on feeder sites (Squidoo, HubPages, etc.).

The best way to get a great well-written article is undoubtedly to write one yourself, but, there aren’t that many hours in the day for those of us with multiple sites and multiple Web 2.0 Properties that we have to furnish with content. So, the answer is to outsource article writing.


General points about commissioning articles

The whole point of doing this is to save time for you. But done incorrectly you will find that outsourcing content creation can cost you time instead of saving it.

  • Don’t use a service whereby you have to order re-writes. You may think it’s fantastic to be able to reject poor articles but it isn’t. You should use a service that provides great articles in the first place so you don’t waste time ordering rewrites.
  • Spend time on explaining the basics of the article. If you write an elaborate article synopsis with links to other articles, the article writer is more likely to understand what you want and create a better article as a result.

So, here are my findings for the best places to outsource quality content on the web.

The Content Authority

500 word article “Tier 1 – Basic” $5; 500 word article “Tier 2 – Great” $7.50

The Content Authority is a great article creation service. I had a huge gripe about the UI of the website – they used to have an annoyingly large blue panel which forced unnecessary scrolling in the order process. I emailed them about this and they sorted it out. That’s what we always like to see about companies – good customer relations. Bravo, The Content Authority!

The Tier 1 articles aren’t bad and they may be good enough to use in feeder sites that links directly to a money site. The Tier 2 articles will be of a sufficiently high standard to pass as a feeder article in HubPages, Squidoo or a EzineArticles. And with a bit of reading and re-writing on of the Tier 2 articles for $7.50 could be put on a money site.


500 word article Article Type: “Premium” $5

I’m sorry to say that the iWriter site leaves a lot to be desired as it doesn’t always work as it should and the set up is confusing.

All this aside, iWriter is a very good service. In my experience, going for the $3 articles of the “Basic” type is a false economy. The articles will barely make sense in English at this level and you will be wasting so much time ordering re-writes that you may as well write the article yourself. Stick with the “Premium” type for $5 per 500 words and you’ll get reasonable articles. Another advantage of this service is that you get the articles in spintax as well (although not very good spintax, it has to be said).


500 word article Quality level: 3 stars $8.30; Quality level: 4 stars $11

Textbroker is slightly more expensive than the two above but their is a slight improvement in quality and it is one of the most well respected content authoring sites out there.


500 word article for, er, $5

Now I’m ultra-skeptical of getting anything on Fiverr. For example, 5,000 xRumer backlinks to your site for $5 may actually do more harm than good. I’ve never used Fiverr for article creation but you get a free PDF of great writers on Fiverr by signing up to the email list at AdsenseFlippers. The second or third email you get after signing up to AdsenseFlippers is a PDF of the best Fiverr users and gigs for article writing. It’s a good email list to sign up to as well.

oDesk and Elance

Personally, I’ve had some very bad experiences with commissioning articles through oDesk and Elance. It takes a long time to find a good candidate for the job which is frustrating because the whole point of outsourcing is to save money. However, if you find good people to do things for you on oDesk and Elance it can be a god-send.

You can also get VA’s to commission the articles and post them to the sites!

What you can do

It’s always good to invest some of your profits into article creation. Submit the articles to Web 2.0 sites and link them back to your money site. If you can get the articles indexed and linked to this is still a great way of getting links.

If you commission articles and have opinions on any of the services I’ve mentioned here, or others, please leave your thoughts in the comments section down below. And don’t forget to vote for, Tweet or Facebook Like this literary masterpiece! :)

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Readers Comments

  1. Hi Rob,
    Truly a masterpiece blog.
    I have to say one piece of advice is not to pay for too many articles in advance. (20 is max)
    Do you have any sites where we could find AAA+ quality content even if we have to pay like $20, $50 or even dare i say $100+?
    It seems there are a lot of writers out there at the lower end for outsourcing but perhaps it’s more difficult to find those AAA+ writers for some offshore based guys like myself.

    • Rob Cubbon says:

      Thank you, Stephen, another good bit of advice. Getting too many articles at once could lead to confusion. It seems Mel below could help you with the AAA+ quality content. My experience is with the 1st tier linking content.

    • Hi Stephen

      Are you really able to justify $20 for a 500 word article? if your site does then go to Elance. Go for people with only very best ratings up to $50 and hour and only north america. Youve find people there that can 1000000% deliver amazing work at the $20 price point. I would look now where else for that find of work.

      Aftee that the content authority at the top level will meet your needs.

      As somebody that deals with outsourcing every single day I can say that
      Odesk is by far the best place to find writers if you have a budget. Wether your budget is $5 for 500 words or $40 there are people for all skill levels.

      Outsourcing takes work time and effort its not passive income. You have employees even if they are temporary

      What ive found is North american writer of university education level with outstanding skills prepared to compete on price sometime match some times a premimum.

      If you dont have the time or skills required Iwriter and textbroker offer an easy to use way to achieve the output.


  2. great post!
    I have been in the article writing business for 3 years now and it really is becoming very clear “you get what you pay for”. Some people charge a few dollars for an SEO article while others charge upto $50. They charge this for a reason (not for big profit). A $50 well researched, unique content article that “engages” the reader will very quickly surpass the initial investment. Many people choose to spend the majority of their budget on website design, when in fact Its the content that will keep your customers happy and make you the money. Content is not king…..”Engaging content is king”
    Wishing you nothing but the best and good health – prestigious

    • Rob Cubbon says:

      Hello Mel, you’re certainly right to say engaging content is more important than design. I would tend to agree and I’m from a design background! Stephen above here in the comments is asking about AAA+ content so maybe your site could be of help to him?

  3. I would love to help anyone who is looking for articles.If you are interested feel free to visit my website – clicklinkup.com – and send me a message through the “contact us” area to see if i can help you in any way.
    All the best and good health.

  4. I personally had some bad experiences with elance and odesk and for this I never sent anymore of my work there. This is also the reason I never mention it to people. I hear good things about constant content though perhaps you could check them out also. At the end of the day I suppose you win some and lose some.

    • Hi Mel

      Well thats why i run an outsourcing business.

      If you wish to work to a budget that niche site owners can afford then Elance and Odesk are amazing reoruces. Truely fantastic workers at incredile prices. Sure you have to do your job properly and define exactly what you want. You have to sift the wheat from the chaff. But most of my niche clients simly cant justify $100 for 5 articles for a site thats lucky to make $30 a month.

      As always horses for courses. The high end should never try to compete at the low end.

      And if you cant find outstanding writters on elance at $15-$20 a 500 articles then refine the search their are extremely proffesional companies working with only north american and english staff.

      I dont even have any problems with any of the sites Rob mentioned. They are all solid. The odd bad writer but then you dont pay if you dont like it.

      have a great week.

  5. Hi Rob,
    Those prices are really low for getting someone to write an article for you. I charge anywhere from $50- $500 for an article depending on the length.

    • Rob Cubbon says:

      Hey Justin, this article is really about my experiences in getting articles written for articles sites and “web 2.0″ properties for the aim of getting backlinks. So they don’t have to be ultra high quality. There’s been a good discussion in the comments about this. Thanks for your comment, Justin! :)

    • At five or ten dollars per article there is no way a writer in North America can earn enough to give your article any real attention. Think about it, if they take a whole hour they only earn at a rate of $5 per hour – could you live on that??

      As a professional SEO copywriter I go way beyond just putting words on a page for you. I talk to you about your marketing goals, your SEO keywords, your content strategy, your target market, and your business model. I spend hours consulting with you, researching, writing, and re-writing. And you get content that is more than just a home for a link – it markets your business.

      I understand some entrepreneurs just don’t have the budget to pay $1 per word, but if you do, you *will* notice the difference in quality.

      • Rob Cubbon says:

        I totally hear you, Alexa, as a designer with 15 years experience I find the idea of getting a logo for $5 laughable. But you get what you pay for and for certain types of SEO link building and article marketing these low prices are sufficient for what you are doing. I will be experimenting more with commissioning quality articles and quality copy at premium prices in the future. Thanks.

  6. Hey, Rob, thanks for the mention and we’re glad to hear you like our email list content!
    While it makes some sense for us to have our VA’s ordering content on Fiverr, the fact that so many NEW providers never deliver and quite a few copy content, deliver late, require edits, etc. would make it difficult for an IMer who has to order a bunch of content on their own, without the help of VA’s…it would just be extremely time consuming.

    • Rob Cubbon says:

      Hello Justin, and welcome to WPblogTalk.com! Thank you for noting that you use VA’s to order the content on Fiverr – a very important point. I’m working my way through AdsenseFlippers at the moment. You guys are doing a really great job there. Good luck!

  7. Hi Rob,
    I have heard a ton of information about adsense flippers and affiliate site flippers have you found any success in them?

  8. Great thanks will definently check them out!

  9. Valentina says:

    I like what you guys are up too.

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