The Truth About Mobile Users

When was the last time when you left your home without the phone? You cannot even remember. People have instant access to their mobile phones no matter where they are.


And the open secret is that people are doing everything on their mobile, they are paying bills, sending and receiving money, watching movies and yes, they are shopping on it too. Desktop users barely get one or two hours in a day to go online but mobile users are connected to the internet 24×7. Therefore you need to gather more information about the purchasing power these mobile users have.

The future is smartphone

If we go by the statistics, in 2013 more people will be using a smartphones than the usual large and humpy desktop to go online. And the number of smartphone sales will see a rise. So for this reason, you need make sure that your website renders well for all mobile devices including phones and tablets.

Money is in mobile

Did you know that Google earned approximately $2.5 billion in 2012 from the ads shown on mobile devices and the amount is expected to soar to $5.8 billion in 2013?

Smartphone Users Buy Often

Smartphone users buy heavily. 34 percent have made a purchase in 2012 using their mobile phone compared to 19 percent in 2011. Electronics goods, gift cards, event tickets, etc., top the chart of the most purchased products via smartphone.

Tablets are not small desktop devices

Most marketers believe that smartphones and tablets are the miniature versions of desktop computers but this is definitely not the case.

Although the majority of smartphone users have a 3G connection, the speed is not half as good as a general broadband connection and that means making the mobile version page loads as light as possible. Keep only those features in your mobile website that users cannot do without. Do not keep visitors waiting. Make it sweet, super fast and sleek.

Men Prefer Service, Women Like Goods

Men are business0oriented and prefer to buy services on their smartphones whereas women prefer to buy products. So think of this purchasing behavior before you prepare your mobile marketing strategy.

Tablet users are more active in local searches

Studies also suggest that tablet owners are more active on local specific searches. As many as 64% of them use their tablets to do local searches and a significant section among them purchase from these searches.

Deals win over loyalty

You simply cannot expect loyalty from mobile users. Mobile users are fickle-minded and they will switch brands if a unique or better offer comes along. So do not count on customer loyalty when promoting a service for mobile users. You need to come up with unique or special offers so to hook their attention.

What you can do

Check how your websites look on various handheld devices. Do they need a mobile version or a more responsive design? Think about marketing to smart phone users and what specifically you can do to encourage them.

Michael Evans is a social media analyst and a budding designer who is associated with FlashMoto, where you can find wide varieties of flash templates.

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